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Matosantos Commercial Corporation is a fast growing family-owned corporation dedicated to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of institutional and consumer products in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, U.S. regions, Latin America and Europe.


Established in 1940 as distributor of paper goods by Manuel Matosantos Senior, today Matosantos Commercial has established it owns plants in Asia and Puerto Rico for a vertically integrated product supply in various categories. It has developed brands that are market leaders in a wide range of products categories. The corporation, with over 500 employees in all its operations, is currently steered by the second generation of family members: Manuel A. Matosantos Jr., President and Gerónimo E. Matosantos, Executive Vice-President. The third generation of family members are developing in the marketing and manufacturing areas.

Don Manuel Matosantos

Company Founder


Mission & Vision:

  • To offer solutions to consumers and to our customers through our line of innovative and high quality value product offerings.

  • To maintain leadership in the development of innovative and quality brands within the company's portfolio.

  • To anticipate market trends in the development and manufacturing / processing of new products; insuring they meet consumer needs and expectations.

  • To operate with the most advanced and efficient technological systems and develop and retain the best talent available.


Customer Driven

Matosantos Commercial is continuously conducting consumer research to obtain feedback on its products and services. This has proven to be valuable in developing new products, modifying existing concepts and maintaining awareness of its costumers changing needs. Anticipating and meeting customer’s wants has been a key factor in the success of its different consumer programs.



Result Oriented

Matosantos Commercial devotes its resources in research, sales and marketing towards the growth of the brands it develops, manufactures and represents. Most of its brands are leaders in their own categories.



Information Technology

The company has an ongoing commitment to use leading edge technology in its information system. The proprietary software brings state-of-the-art distribution and warehouse management functionality, addressing the requirements of the entire distribution channel, from the executive offices to the shipping dock.


Its fully integrated information management system includes Order Processing Warehouse, Executive Information System, Purchasing, Inventory, Sales Analysis, Financials and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).



Well Trained Personnel

All managers, as well as all sales and marketing personnel, undergo a rigorous and elaborate training process to ensure that they are continuously improving and remain among the best in the industry.




There is a high level of integration and teamwork at all levels within the company and with suppliers.



Excellent Relations with the Trade

Matosantos Commercial enjoys a high level of credibility with the trade, earned through a commitment to support its brands, the top quality service provided to stores and the thoroughness by which Matosantos selects the products it will market. This has translated into success for the lines that Matosantos develops, manufactures and represents.



Prepared for the future

The growth achieved by Matosantos Commercial in over six decades has been attained with vision, discipline and determination. These are elements that will be maintained as we meet the challenges of the 21 st century.


We at Matosantos Commercial are eager, prepared and anticipating the future... This is what keeps us ahead.

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