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Every Dinner

Complete line of high quality disposable plastic plates, bowls and cutlery. 
Every Dinner plates have a cut-resistant and non-absorbing glossy surface to keep any gravy or sauce from drenching through. Its heat and cold tolerance provide a safer handling of the meals when putting them away or lightly re-heating in the microwave.


Every Dinner cutlery has a sleek ultra-strong design, to hold any food portion the end-user can handle. The handle's length and comfort replicates the feel of the traditional standard metal cutlery. Every Dinner cutlery is sturdy and solid which represents and advantage compared with other breakable plastic cutlery.


Every Dinner transparent packaging invites customers to appreciate the quality of the products, their size and bag count.


Every Dinner plastic line is ideal for the home, outdoors activities and events.


You may find standard white, clear as well as a variety of colors available.


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Club Cups

Premium quality disposable plastic cups with superior clarity to enhance appearance of drinks, greater strength, resistance and stability.


Club Cups is an excellent substitute of any glassware, with the added benefit of a non-shattering product. The cups transparency allows for a more appetizing appeal and enhances the content served.


The unique surface area design and sturdiness provides a comfortable and secure grip.


Club Cups are available in a range of convenient sizes from 3oz. to 20oz., offering the perfect size cup for any beverage.


Club Cups packaging offers friendly uniform presentation of the size, count and brand, to better identify each item and maximize impulse sales.


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Cheers Cups

Cheers Cups-value-quality, plastic cups for activities and everyday use.


Cheers Cups have excellent transparency providing grater appeal of any beverage served.


Cheers Cups have wider mouth for more comfort and stability in the pouring and mixing process.


Cheers Cups see-through packaging design highlights the product's quality, size and count.


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Safe-T foam plates, bowls and carryout containers, offer rigidness, strength and value for everyday home and commercial use.


Safe-T's laminated foam surface is strong, soak proof, cut-resistant, with thermo properties for cook-out and casual events.


The bags of products are all re-closable for more hygiene upon storage.


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Classic Dinner Ware

High quality durable bulk-count plastic plates and bowls, for large household families and business use.


Classic Dinner Ware has a full range of sizes from 6" to 10¼" plates and 6oz. to 24oz. bowls, including the unique 8" locking plates with their secure "interlock-seal" to help keep food safe and warmer.


Classic Dinner Ware is packed in a convenient re-closable bag for greater hygiene when stored.


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Clap Straws and Stirrers

An ideal way of enjoying your favorite cold beverages, mixing served cocktails or stirring hot beverages.


Available in different lengths and diameters.




WonderFoil is a premium aluminum foil product that provides the best protection to food, perfect for the confection process of many recipes, and preserving product freshness.


WonderFoil roll’s strength allows superior wrapping around irregular shapes. It keeps cooking pans and trays clean, maintaining hygiene in cooking area.


WonderFoil's metallic packaging has an attractive bright color combination which stands out on the shelf. Its specially integrated cutting edge tears just the amount needed. It's available in 12" & 18" from 25sq.ft. to 1,000sq.ft. for home and commercial use.


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WonderBag offers greater strength due to its combination of plastic materials designed to provide superior uniform horizontal and vertical resistance.


Each WonderBag's pack is color-coded to better identify the products size and count. Its outer box is pre-perforated for easier dispensing.


WonderBag has a variety of convenient sizes in Drawstring, Easy-Tie, and Bag & Tie alternatives. Available in 4, 13 and 30 gallons to meet all home and business needs.


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Quality line of baby diapers for the retail trade and clubs. Kiddies diapers are manufactured by Mabe S.A., a leadership company with 90 patents on its products and distribution in 25 countries.


Unisex design with “Elastic-Soft” waist and fastening tapes provide better adjustment, comfort and free baby’s movement.


New enhanced core for more absorbency and dryness.


“Zone Protect” inner leg gathers to prevent leakage. Aloe, chamomile and vitamin E prevents and controls diaper rash.


External cloth like cover with “Baby Looney Tunes” funny printed figures.


Exclusive and convenient package with handle and three languages specifications (Spanish, English and French).


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