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The Company sells its line of products to hotels, hospital, schools, universities, manufacturing plants, cafeterias, bakeries and other institutions that buy products primarily in bulk packaging. Some of the diversified lines of institutional products are:


Disposable Products

Cups, plates, bowls, cutlery, aluminum products, can liners and more.




Ham, cheeses, and cold cuts including brand such as El Serranito Smoked Ham and ConGusto Sausages.



Frozen Foods

Campoverde Frozen Fruits.



Georgia Pacific North American Commercial Business, Cormatic®, Vu All®, Systems Solutions™

Georgia Pacific systems provide the ultimate hygiene solutions for healthcare, foodservice, and other industries where cleanliness is mandatory. The programs provided include:


Paper towels, bath tissues, soaps and air freshening categories that improve hygiene standards and reduce operating costs through their unique dispensing systems.


From intelligently designed touch less towel dispensing systems to complementary systems for bath tissue, liquid soap, air fresheners and even door handle hygiene.


GP programs have the perfect hygiene solution for your business.

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